MozFest 2014 & Webmaking in Higher Education

This year I had the pleasure to attend Mozilla Festival 2014 at Ravensbourne College in London, UK.  This is my second time attending MozFest.  The first time I was representing Hive NYC helping out at the very first Hive Pop-Up at MozFest. This time around I have multiple roles – I’m a Mozilla Rep & I am representing Royal Roads University facilitating a session under the Build & Teach the Web Track.

Some of the highlights of MozFest14 include…

    • Getting a FireFox Flame (ready to rock & roll with this bad boy~)



    • Trying out #MozMate



  • Attending #MakerParty which included participants of various ages!

MozFest Session Facilitation – Webmaking in Higher Education

Last but not least, another major highlight was facilitating my session – Webmaking in Higher Education.  The purpose of my session was to meet like-minded individuals who work in higher education and/or educators in various areas to talk about how we can incorporate webmaker tools and other open source tools in our learning environment. You can find the details of my session in this Session Notes Google Doc.

Group Contact

As a group we decided to stay connected so we can update each other on what’s happening in our communities on the topics we’ve discussed!  So I created 2 lists so we can all stay in touch.  🙂

Twitter Listmozfest2014-webmakehighered
Google Groupmozfest2014 webmaking highered