Mozilla BC – lots happening!

Discover Tectoria  – December 13th

This year Mozilla is a sponsor for Discover Tectoria – an all-ages  showcase of  the local tech scene in Victoria BC.  Technology is Victoria’s #1 private industry, and we’re excited to have this opportunity to share our community work with Webmaker, privacy initiatives like Lightbeam and  the future of mobile with Firefox OS.

Aside from hosting a booth we’ll also be running a ‘Webmaker – Make the Web’ session as part of the education stream where Google Science fair winner (for her age group)   Ann Makosinski will also be talking to kids.  Should be tons of fun!

Webmaker School Club

I’ve wanted to run a Webmaker school club  for quite a while, and met with resistance for just as long. Thanks to our amazing principle, I am completely thrilled to finally… have the initiative accepted in my daughter’s school starting Monday. Currently working hard on a lesson plan, that includes  online and offline activities + Q & A Skype sessions with people who can share on specific topics as we cover them.  Excited to have my ‘own kids’, twenty-eight of them 🙂

To help support others who may want to run a similar club I’ve setup a Webmaker Club Website, with Github repo for resources.  As the ‘donation’ section suggests, I am also looking for donations or sponsorship to help with tech purchases Right now I have 28 kids  2 laptops, and no  time to fundraise – I’ll start by asking Santa for a few Raspberry Pi.

You can find all of us on  Webmaker BC Dist List